Assessment tool for validation of young people learners’ competence “Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship”

Self-assessment test for young people learners

The aim of the test is to evaluate the adult learners’ competencies developed via non formal training course material in order to validate competence Sense of lifestyle entrepreneurship. This test should be taken before and after the training. The test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions with comprehensive answers. Please select the correct answer(s) to each question. Having completed the test, the system will provide you with the total score (percentage). When taking this test; you will also experience the method of assessment by tests.

After completion of each question an explanation is provided. Explanation comes only in a case of wrong answer. Having completed the test, the system will provide you with the sheet in which you will see your Passing Score (number of questions which your answered correctly) and the Passing Rate (in percentage). See the sample of the table below, which shows that the test is completed successfully if the Passing Rate is not lower than 80% and at least 24 answers are correct.

Please, save test results for further reference.

Total Questions Full Score Passing Rate Passing Score
30 30 80% 24