Assessment tool for youth worker's competences to become manager/mentor of mentoring process

The aim of the test is to support the youth workers’ competencies to become Manager or Mentor in mentoring, validate their competences and skills obtained within SELF-E training course. The test consists of 25 questions.

Self - assessment test evaluates the following:

  • Module 1 “Social Mentoring on lifestyle self-employment as a new non-formal learning pathway”.
  • Module 2 “Facilitating the social mentoring process on LSE by using the set of open educational resources (OERs) on Life-Style Entrepreneurship”.
  • Module 3 “Validation of the Competences “Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship”.

You will be given two choices for an answer: "Yes" or "No". After completion of each question an explanation is provided. Having completed the test, the system will provide you with the sheet in which you will see your Passing Score (number of questions which your answered correctly) and the Passing Rate (in percentage). See the sample of the table below, which shows that the test is completed successfully if the Passing Rate is not lower than 80% and at least 20 answers are correct.

Please, save test results for further reference.

Total Questions Full Score Passing Rate Passing Score
25 25 80% 20